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BJC 2023 Camp Scholarship Application

Thank you for applying for a Beth Jacob Jewish Summer Camp Scholarship.  We know the long term impact that attending Jewish summer camp has on the cultivation of independence and identity and are happy to be partners in trying to ensure Beth Jacob youth have the opportunity to participate.  We will do our best to offer as much support as possible, but want to highlight that there are finite resources that Beth Jacob has to offer.  

Please complete the following application by January 31st.  The scholarships committee will meet in early February to review the applications and will share awards in mid to late February.  If you have question, please contact Jamie SkogBurke, Beth Jacob Executive Director at

NOTE: If you have more than 4 children, please note this in the sections below and complete a second form for the remaining children

Mon, May 27 2024 19 Iyyar 5784